Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Cupcake Stand

This was a fun cupcake stand I made for Danielle.  She sent me a picture of 2 stands she found, and asked if I could make one similar to hold 140 cupcakes.  I hand drew the "hill" then took some artistic liberties with the base and shelves to give it a little visual interest.

I think it came out great!

 Here's where I start assembling the stand.  The parts shown are the base, the back, and 2 back supports.  I rub paraffin wax on the edges of the parts so they don't stick together.

It's a little tricky, but I assembled the back piece to the base like this.  I always install the screws by hand to make sure they get into the holes, then tighten them just enough to snug them up.  

The two back supports have three screws.  The top screws are inserted through the front.  They need to be installed before the shelves.  The second shelf from the bottom covers up the holes once it's installed.

These are the back support bottom screws installed through the bottom of the base.

The last thing to do is install the shelves.  The last picture shows their correct orientation.  

There is a small dowel that goes under the bottom shelf to give it a little extra support if needed.  You can see it in the first picture.

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