Thursday, March 22, 2012

Floating Cake Stand Assembly Guide

This is my helpful (hopefully) assembly guide for the floating cake stands I build.  Below is what you should end up with.  If you need any help, let me know.

Insert rod into base and hand tighten until it's good and tight.

Install first cake layer.  This is the largest cake board.  You can drop the cake down over the rod or  put the cake on the base and poke the rod through it into the base THEN tighten the rod.

This is the rod clamp that holds the next levels.  The screw in the center serves absolutely no purpose, so disregard it .  The screw on the right (with the black head) is the one to work with right now.

Loosen both screws until you can swing the clamp apart like this.

Place it on the rod close to where you want the next level to go.

Swivel it over so it looks like this.

Tighten it somewhat snug so it doesn't move on the rod.  It will need to be adjusted up or down so there's no sense fully tightening it right now.

Install the next support layer.  Pay attention to the space between the bottom of this box and the cake layer below .  If the space  is say 1",  pull the box off, loosen and lower the clamp 1", and test fit again.  You may need to repeat the process several times to get the fit you want.

Once you are satisfied with the fit, tighten both screws on the clamp on the pole firmly.

Add next cake layer.

Repeat process for top layer.

What do you do with the extra rod?  You'll need to cut it with a hacksaw or regular saw.    I would suggest doing it before you begin assembling the cake.    Here's how I would measure it.  Measure the height of the first cake layer (say it's 6") and add 3/4".  That's allowing for the threads going into the base.  So far, you need 6 3/4".  Now add the 2nd box height (3").  Add the second cake layer height (with cake board) .  Again we'll use 6" as an example.  Repeat for the top box (3").  Finally, I would let the rod stick out of the top box at least a few inches into the top cake, how far depends on your top cake height.  Let's say (3") for arguments sake.  I came up with 21 3/4".

6 3/4" Bottom layer
3" For middle box
6" for middle cake layer
3" for top box
3" protrusion into top cake layer

Total length to cut rod = 21 3/4"

IF you "miscalculate"  you can pick up a new one at Lowes .  This link 1/2" x 24 Riser only shows a 2" version, but they have 24" too.  I'm pretty sure Home Depot has them as well.  If you ever need them longer, you'll need to get a pipe coupler and join 2 rods together.  If you need help with that, let me know.