Saturday, May 18, 2019


Reference Photo
Your stand fully assembled

First thing to do is put the rods in the base.  Watch this 2 minute video and it'll show how to do it correctly.

There is a "front" to the stand. The (2) 4" rods face front and are 14" apart.  See the picture below for the placement of the rest.

Next, slide the spacers onto the rods.

After the spacers are all on, notice that a little bit of the rod is sticking above them?  This is where the top pieces will screw on to.  Refer back to the video to make sure you don't put the tops on upside down.  This is where 99% of assembly issues occur.

The tall center post uses the (2) 10 inch rounds.  The one with the hole (no tnut) goes on first.  Put a 4" spacer on top of it, then the other 10" piece with the tnut screws onto the end of the rod like the others.

One tiny issue with your stand.
The 2 tops (with scribbles in the photo) are a very tight fit.  Had I had time I would have made them about 1/8" smaller.  I didn't catch it until I did the assembly myself.

Put one on, and securely tighten it down.  When you go to put the second one on, you will need to push the one on the left sideways with the palm of your hand so it gives you enough room to turn the second one.  If you don't, they will rub the paint on the edges of the tiers.

After the second top is tight you can let the one on the left go.  The two tops will touch each other, but it's okay at this point.

Finish the other tops and you are done.