Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ladder Stand Assembly Instructions

Each side has 2 uprights and 3 cross braces.  Match the letters marked on each piece as shown.

Place the wide legs on top of the cross braces.  The legs have countersunk holes for the screws.  The holes close to the bottom are for the rope which is installed later.

Start all the screws by hand to make sure they get in the holes correctly.  Once you have them all in, tighten them up.  It's not necessary to over tighten them.  If you are going to leave it assembled, you can use some wood glue, but it's not required.

Position the 2 upright pieces end to end as shown and install the hinges.  Make sure they are positioned as shown with the "bump" in the center of the hinge facing up.  If you don't, they won't open properly.  You can take them back off and flip them over if this happens.

The rope has a knot already on one end.  Thread the end without the knot through the hole on one leg, then straight across to the other side.  You'll find that twisting the end of the rope as you are pushing it through the hole helps.

Once the rope is threaded through the uprights, tie a knot in the other end.  Try to make the knot so it ends up next to the line I marked on the rope.  This will keep the uprights at the proper width when opened up.  Trim off the excess rope.

Install the shelves.  They just lay across the cross braces.  No screws are needed.