Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kathy's Thermostat Cover

I must live a sheltered life, because I didn't even know these were made.  The story behind this is my oldest sister Kathy bought one of these (see the black one in the pictures) and decided that it stuck out too far from the wall for her taste.  She wanted me to try and cut it down, but after seeing it I decided it would be easier to make one from scratch.  She also had me put tiny hinges on it instead of leather hinges like the original, and I made the bottom different so the thermostat would have better airflow around it.  The inside dimensions are 8” wide x 4.5” tall and is 1 5/8” deep at its narrowest point at the top.  The outside measures roughly 9 ¾” square.   This was a neat little project and gave me a chance to take a break from my main job, making cake stands.   I made an extra one and put it on my Etsy shop for you to buy!

This was the original

My work.  Front view

Bottom view.  Open for airflow.

Front view with door open.

Side view.  The door will shut completely when it is hung up.  

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  1. Great idea! do you know how many "prim" ladies love you right about now! To be able to hide the thermostat and still have it be functional...oh my! I'm gonna have to do a blog post about this!

    I'm off to check out your etsy shoppe.