Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aimee and Chris's Custom Wedding Cake Stand

This wedding cake stand was done back in June for Chris and Aimee's wedding reception.  They contacted me back in January with their ideas after they saw my round spiral leg cake stand on Etsy.  They liked the design, but wanted it square and painted custom colors to match their wedding color scheme.  The top measures 14.5 inches square and it is 7.25 inches tall.  The colors they chose were Bonnie Cream for the base and top, and Enchanted Evening for the spiral legs.  The entire stand was sprayed with a water based matte polyurethane so it wan't too shiny.  Below is the picture they sent me, along with their comment.

Thanks guys!

Hey Mike:

Attached is a picture of the cake stand you made for us in action at our wedding.

Thank you again. Everyone absolutely loved the stand!!!

Chris & Aimee

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