Monday, January 6, 2014

Margot's Christmas Tree Cupcake Stand

I received a wonderful email that I had to share.  Margot had me build this stand for her so she could surprise her Aunt.  Thanks Margot for letting me be a small part of the wonderful thing you did.  Below is her message.

The attached snap shows what I did over Christmas.  It's a picture of Kevin (my husband, the elf) next to your custom 'tree' created for my Aunt Connie, who has been bed ridden the last few years.
Every year, I try to come up with a new trick.  So this year, I decided that I would make her custom stockings (that's what you see in the picture in red and white) to hand out to all those confined in her "assisted living facility", along with big mugs filled with cocoa, cups of candy and cupcakes.  That's what you see on the tree.  It was a huge success!  You'd have thought we'd given them a $1M.  Goes to show, it doesn't take a lot to brighten someone's day. 
Kevin and I were the elves denoted on the custom stockings.  And Connie became 'Connie Claus' by way of a "Santa snuggie".   It was perfect!  Then we had jiggle bells to alert each resident that Connie Claus was in the house. 
In fact, it went so well, we might do this every year, cuz it made so many lonely people happy.   
Thanks again, your tree really made all the difference!  And Kevin was impressed with how easy it was to assemble, as well as how well made it is.  And it enabled me to put the heavy stockings and mugs on the tree, so I didn't have to figure out how to tote them separately!  What a life saver!!!
Of course, feel free to use for your marketing purposes! Hugs!

This is the picture of it in my shop.  I made it with a 1" thick base which made it 5 feet tall, instead of the 10" thick base which makes it close to 6 feet tall. .  I have the 10" base version listed on Etsy here Christmas tree stand

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