Monday, December 1, 2014

1000th Sale!

Samantha from the New York Cakepopery had no clue what my plans were when she purchased a custom made stand from me yesterday.

She turned out to be my 1000th sale on Etsy!  As a token of my appreciation and to mark this milestone I am giving her the stand for FREE! 

It’s taken me 4 years to get here and I’m grateful to all of you who have done business with me.  It’s still fun and always a challenge to see what I can do with the ideas that get presented to me.  The majority of the things I sell are inspired by my customers who have very specific needs that can’t be fulfilled by off the shelf products.  I love doing custom work!

Speaking of custom work, I want you to take a minute and browse her Etsy shop.  She does things with cake pops I’ve not seen before.   This one is my favorite Lalaloopsy Cake Pops

Thank you Samantha, and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your momentous moment! And how nice of you to surprise your very lucky 1,000th etsy customer. I bet the customer was excited & happy beyond words, especially when she opened the shipping package to see what you custom made for her Cake Pop business!