Thursday, May 5, 2016

Putting decorations on my stands.

So you want to wrap the edges with ribbon?  What about jewels or other decorations?

You could use double sided sticky tape, but this is what usually happens with the paint when you pull it off.

I may have found a solution that won't harm the paint.  It's called Museum Wax  (click on the red link to see it on Amazon).  This big tub will probably last you forever.

My mother told me about it a while back.  She used it to hold down some very thin walled mercury glass candlesticks on her coffee table.  She has a cat that likes to play around them for some reason.  It's not supposed to damage the surfaces you put it on.

I got a bit to try it.  It reminds me of a thick, sticky chapstick.  It is softer when it's warm, so if you can, roll it around in your palm and warm it up first.

I made a few little balls of it about the size of a BB  (like this) o, and "smooshed" it on the corners.

I put the end of the ribbon on one of them and pressed it into the wax.

I stretched the ribbon tight to the other corner and pressed it into the wax again.  The stuff holds incredibly well.  I continued doing this all the way around.

The ribbon pulled right back off leaving the wax on the stand.  When I first tried to remove the wax, it smeared a bit with my fingers, so I'd recommend using a paper towel.  Don't be alarmed about the sticky residue.  I took a cloth and wiped it right off.  I couldn't even tell it was ever there!

I tried it on some old paint, some week old paint, and something I painted yesterday.  It didn't hurt the paint at all

I think this may be the answer!

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