Saturday, August 25, 2018

Spiral Cake Pop Stand Assembly Instructions

Spiral Cake Pop Stand Assembly

Find the support rod and bag of washers.  Put the washers to the side for now.
Place the base on the table.
The support rod has a nut and washer taped to one end.  Remove the tape but Leave the nut and washer on the rod  exactly where they are.

Place the end with the nut and washer in the hole in the center of the base and screw it into the tnut until it is flush with the edge of the tnut as shown below.

If too much of the end of the rod is sticking out, move the nut on the rod down a little bit.  If it's short, move the nut up.  Ideally you want it flush.
Once you are satisfied, tighten the nut with a 7/16 wrench or suitable tool.  Make sure it's good and snug.  There's no need to over-tighten it.

Unpack all the strips.  Try to leave them in the same order as I packed them.
Familiarize yourself with the individual parts. 

Bottom strip with felt dots.  This goes on the rod first with the felt dots resting on the face of the base.

This is the top piece with the button cap.  Save it until last.

The strips are marked "A" or "B" on the bottom side near the center hole.  The "A" strips have the first cake pop hole closest to the edge.  The bottom strip with the felt dots is a "B".

After you put on the bottom strip. place a washer on the rod and let it rest on the strip as shown.

Add an "A" strip next, then another washer.  Continue this process, alternating between "A" and "B" strips until you get to the top piece.

*** Don't forget to put a washer between each strip.***

Stack them as shown below.

Place the end of the rod into the bottom of the top strip that has the button cap. There is a tnut installed in the top piece just like in the base.  Turn the top piece clockwise until it threads itself onto the rod.  Spin it around a few time (like a propeller) until it stops by itself.

DO NOT tighten it further at this time.

Starting at the bottom, start arranging the strips.  The picture above shows how I do them, but they can be spread out if you want.

Once you have them arranged like you want them, give the top piece 2 or 3 turns at the most to tighten it up.  It just needs to be snug.  If you tighten it too much it will pull the tnut in the base through the material.

If, during the tightening process, any of the strips move, you can loosen the top piece slightly to correct the alignment.

Congratulations!  You're done.

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