Friday, October 15, 2010

Custom Octagonal Cake Stand

This is a prime example of my work for Cup a Dee Cakes.  Where do you go to get an octagonal cake stand you ask?  Google it and you will see there aren't many options.  Jenniffer came to me with this opportunity and this is the end result.  The cake and stand were very simple, but elegant, which is what her customer was after.  As I've said before, her customers sometimes give her some unique challenges and she loves them, just as much as I do.  

The stand is made out of 1/2" MDF.  I like to use this material quite a bit because of it's smoothness and stability, and it machines very well.  The only drawbacks are the dust, and finishing the end grains.  I have a good dust collection system for my shop, so the dust is minimal, and I'm still trying different things to make finishing the end grain easier.  The problem with the end grain is that it "fuzzes" whenever you try to finish it.  One would of advice, NEVER use water based finishes!  They only exaggerate the fuzzing.  I've found that sealing the edges with polyurethane and sanding the fuzz before adding the finish of your choice really helps.

I cut 2 rectangles for the top and bottom to size on the table saw and cut the corners off at 45 degrees with the radial arm saw, then routed the edges.  For the sides I drew a top view on paper as a template 1" smaller than the top and bottom, cut the 8 side pieces to length, and bevelled the ends at 22.5 degrees.  I used Titebond wood glue and my pin nailer to assemble it all.  I have got to say, that little pin nailer is nice.  The nails are tiny and don't split the material.  The final finish was an oil based glossy white paint applied with a spray gun.

Hope you like it!

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