Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Best Customers!

This is my little sister Jenniffer, and her husband Chad.  They own and operate Cup a Dee Cakes in Tunnel Hill, Georgia.  Have you ever seen those cake shows on TV?  Well, that's what they do.  They design and create beautiful cakes of all kinds.  Now, with that being said, let me explain why they are my best customers.  Creating custom cakes offer many challenges and that's where I come in.  Her customers don't always want a "regular" shaped cake, and sometimes they need a cake stand to fit it, or just something unique.  Jenniffer gives me great challenges, and complete freedom, as well as an outlet for my creativity.  She and Chad are also driving forces and helpful mentors to me in my quest to do what I love for a living.  Because of them, I have started 2 websites http://mywoodworkingsolutions.com/ and http://helpmefixitnow.com/ .  They are still in the construction phase, so check back every now and then.  Stay tuned here for more examples of my work for them coming soon.

Chad and Jenniffer
Please make sure you visit their website at http://www.cupadeecakes.com/ and say hello!

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