Saturday, October 8, 2011

New design! Balloon shaped cupcake stand.

How's this for something fun and different!

I started working with a couple a few months ago who are planning on having an "UP" themed wedding. They wanted to see if I could make something to fit the theme and to incorporate a replica of the house from the movie at the base of the stand. This is what I came up with.

I designed it to hold a maximum of 150 cupcakes and made 2 removable risers on the top tier. The risers were made to give the top a more rounded look, and also give you the ability to add a cake topper. Despite it's top heavy appearance, it is just as stable as any of my other stands because of the large 16" square base and the larger center support rod. It can be easily taken apart to transport or store. Fully assembled it stands almost 33 inches tall and I can adjust the size of the bottom spacer for adding a basket or other decoration. The paint color can be changed. 

This stand has so many possibilities for you to be creative!  See it at my Etsy shop.

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